Some of my code/work...


pixelserv-tls is a tiny bespoke HTTP/1.1 webserver with HTTPS support that acts on behalf of hundreds of thousands of ad and tracker servers and responds to all requests with nothing. It can be configured to capture what ad networks and trackers intend to send them about you.

pixelserv-tls binary packages are available on

Goodies for EdgeMAX routers

  • A script to renew and reload Let's Encrypt certificate for the GUI service.
  • An optimised build of OpenSSL library for EdgeRouter-X.

ARM cross-compiler toolchain

This is my build of the Broadcom cross-compiler toolchain for RT-AC56U/RT-AC68U/RT-AC87U/RT-AC3200 routers. Built from the source (buildroot-2012.02) bundled in ASUSWRT GPL tarballs.

The unique advantage of my build is support for NPTL on the aforementioned ASUS routers. NPTL has many advantages over the ancient LinuxThreads (which ASUS chose for these models).

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