My Router and Access Point

Router - EdgeRouter X

Features in use:

Current uptime is day hour. Historical data is available for the past year.

CPU load on ER-X (past 24 hours)

Access Point - RT-AC56U

Features in use:

  • 802.11ac/802.11n wireless (BCM4352/BCM43217)
  • Linux entropy enhancement (haveged)
  • DNS Resolver (Unbound)
  • Layer-7 routing with HAProxy aka "smart DNS"
  • DNS-based adblock using stripped down DNSMasq
  • shadowsocks server
  • Webserver with FastCGI (lighttpd)
  • Better syslog with syslog-ng
  • Traffic and system monitor (MRTG)
  • Network latency monitor (SmokePing)
  • NTP daemon (get my slim build; use only 900KB RAM)
  • incron, mini_snmpd, Vixie-cron, ZiProxy, OpenVPN, Privoxy,
  • Transmission but rarely used
  • Samba server for a 64GB USB stick

The original write-up about my build of the RT-AC56U firmware is moved to here.

Initially published on Nov 1, 2016


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