Page Load Time in Google Chrome

Both Apple Safari and Google Chrome have tools for web developers to profile multitude of performance metrics. One of such metrics is the page load time. Chrome calls the tool "Developer Tools". Safari calls it "Web Inspector".

To open Developer Tools in Chrome, go to View > Developer > Developer Tools. We'll make use the Network tab for our purpose. Below is a screenshot:

Google Chrome's Developer Tools

Measure Page Load Time

For better accuracy in our measurement, we want to disable the browser's cache. So first let's check the box "Disable cache" in Developer Tools. Bear in mind that web pages could still be cached by CDNs and ISPs for speed but they are out of our control.

On the status bar, we see three time values: Finish, DOMContentLoaded and Load. For details of the difference, refer to Google's documentation. We'll take Load as our measurement.

We also want to apply little statistic skill in our measurement. We take five measurements for a web page. Eliminate the two extremes i.e. the lowest and the highest. Then take the average of the remaining three.

Example -

Type the URL, hit ENTER and watch the timers run. For my five run's, I have 1.61s, 1.95s, 1.86s, 0.961s and 1.09s. Eliminate the two extremes. The final value is (1.61s+1.86s+1.09s) / 3 = 1.52s. That's my measured page load time for

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