IPv6 Worldwide Adoption Today

Early 2016 Ars Technica reported that worldwide IPv6 adoption reached 10% after twenty years of IPv6! Let's do some check today. IPv6 is currently near 20% adoption worldwide as measured by Google. That's double that one and a half year ago. Amazing! The world is embracing IPv6 at accelerated pace.

*Worldwide IPv6 adoption as measured by Google search engine*

Per-country breakdowns show Begium leads the world with 50% adoption rate. America 35%, Greece 32%, Germany 30%, India 21%, Brazil 20% and Japan 18%. France, Canada and UK around 17%. Finland and Malaysia 16%. Norway and Portugal 15%. China 3%. Taiwan and Spain <1%.

China cannot easily access Google search. So the population who can google is screwed towards users with better and IPv6 capable connectivity. Let's cross check with another measurement by APNIC.

Data from APNIC as of 3 July 2017 shows worldwide adoption at 12%. North America 36%. Western Europe 30%. Southern Asia 26%. Northern Europe 19%. Southern Europe 5%. East Asia 3%. Africa <1%.

Per-country breakdowns. Belgium 54%. Germany 42%. Switzerland 41%. India 37%. America 36%. Greece 34%. Estonia 28%. UK and Japan 23%. France 21%. Canada and Malaysia 18%. Brazil, Australia and New Zealand 16%.

Macau 7.36%. Singapore 3.49%. Korea 2.25% Hong Kong 0.77%. Taiwan 0.51%. China 0.23%. July 3, 2017 is an important day in my personal Internet presence. It marks the beginning of my home speaking native IPv6 to the outside world.

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