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Jul 18
A Simple Tool to Test malloc() Performance
  (RT-AC56U, Entware, Glibc, Linux)
Jul 2
Public DNS - Cloudflare v. Google
Apr 7
New Features in pixelserv-tls v2.1
Mar 24
pixelserv-tls Found Unexpected Gmail Login Failure
  (pixelserv-tls, os x, RT-AC56U, OpenSSL)
Mar 19
pixelserv-tls v2.1 Scores A in Tests
  (OpenSSL, pixelserv-tls, ER-X, RT-AC56U)
Feb 27
Optimised OpenSSL Library for ER-X
  (ER-X, OpenSSL, mipsel, pixelserv-tls)
Feb 19
Run pixelserv-tls on EdgeRouter-X
  (ER-X, pixelserv-tls)


Dec 12
pixelserv-tls v2 Benchmark
Nov 12
pixelserv-tls : HTTP/1.1 Persistent Connections
Oct 31
pixelserv-tls : More is Less
Sep 13
Let's Encrypt with DNS-01 on ER-X
  (ER-X, Let's Encrypt)
Aug 21
Time to Retire OpenVPN
  (ER-X, RT-AC56U, Shadowsocks)
Jul 3
IPv6 Worldwide Adoption Today
Jul 3
DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation for IPv6
  (ER-X, Linux Admin)
May 3
Let's Encrypt, Kazoo It! and Cloudflare
  (Linux Admin, Let's Encrypt, Cloudflare)
Apr 30
Idling BitTorrent Attracts Malicious Visitors
  (Linux Admin)
Apr 21
Extend iPhone Battery's Lifetime
  (iPhone Battery)
Apr 14
iPhone Battery, Again
  (iPhone Battery)
Apr 10
Who Is On Your WiFi
  (Market, WiFi)
Apr 5
5G Timeline in China
  (5G, Market)
Apr 4
Quick Benchmark: CBC vs GCM
  (VPN, OpenSSL)
Apr 2
Random Bits on OpenVPN 2.4
  (VPN, Linux Admin)
Mar 21
Migration to Syslog-ng v3.8
  (Linux Admin)


Nov 18
iPhone Battery
  (iPhone Battery)
Oct 28
Re-visit the Switch in Edgerouter X
Oct 6
Edgerouter X - IPsec Benchmarked
Oct 4
Re-visit Forwarding Speed in ER-X
Sep 26
ER-X Forwarding Speed
Sep 25
ER-X - Use TLS Certificate for GUI
Sep 25
Edgerouter X - Smart Queue
Sep 21
The Crypto Engine in Edgerouter X
Sep 20
ER-X CLI and Tab completion
Sep 19
Edgerouter X - SSH Auto Login
Sep 18
Edgerouter X - Small is Beautiful
Aug 16
The Switch in Edgerouter X
  (ER-X, network)
Aug 15
Page Load Time in Google Chrome


Dec 19
Check SMB Versions in Windows
Nov 12
OS X Access Control List
  (os x, Mac, Apple)